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The Tickle Experiment

Tickle torture innocent ticklish girls

She was warned the testing could cause excessive distress, even pain, and that we would stimulate her nerves to study her nervous reactions.

She was warned we will not tell her what we would do.

We gave her a written promise of no danger and no nudity during recording… And she gave us a written authorization to access to her body.

But she had no idea that tickling her as much as possible would be the objective of this experiment

NO fiction NO acting

We told her that we needed to explore the limits of what she could take. Therefore she must RESIST the torment, otherwise she may lose all her rewards. We want her trying her hardest to keep it together!

So we’ll see just how much she can handle…

Maria Tickled

In the photo below: ticklish Maria José

No Safe Word

These are Experimental Videos that include Extreme Tickling, not fetish videos!

Innocent girls tickled in houses
Unaware patient tickled in a real Hospital

Without safe word. They can laugh or cry, but they cannot stop the tickling

These girls didn't know the experiment consist being tickled as much as possible. They signed and now they can't stop the tickling

Susana tickled
Vanessa tickled

She hates be tickled

Horrible ticklish Fernanda

Darla cry while laughing

In a real Hospital

On unware patients

Alina didn't expect to be tickled

They signed and agreed to be tied.

They signed to participate in this experiment that may cause excessive distress, but they don't know they will be tickled tortured

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